Company Profile
AMS: 0%
APJ: 0%
EMEA: 100%
Enterprise: 40%
Commercial: 20%
SMB: 40%
Direct: 0%
Indirect: 100%
HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
Integrated SystemsComposable InfrastructureHPE OneView Mgmt Software
ServerServers for internet of ThingsHPE Edgeline for loT

Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
OneView 3.03.0Mcubo ICT10.10-4.1011/01/2016
Edgeline IoTN/AIoT Portal Mcubo Energyv 1.009/10/2018
Currently not available

Partner Products (Not Tested)
Product NameProduct OverviewBusiness Problem Addressed by the Product
Currently not available
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