Company Profile
AMS: 30%
APJ: 30%
EMEA: 40%
Enterprise: 50%
Commercial: 40%
SMB: 10%
Direct: 25%
Reseller: 75%
OEM: 0%
Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
OneView4.0EcoStruxure IT Advisor8.2.708/01/2018
OneView4.1EcoStruxure IT Advisor8.2.711/01/2018
OneView5.0EcoStruxure IT Advisor9.004/01/2020
OneView5.0StructureWare Data Center Operations8.004/01/2020
Edgeline IoT4000EcoStruxure Micro Data Center42U08/01/2017
Edgeline IoT8000EcoStruxure Micro Data Center23U01/01/2020
Edgeline IoT8000EcoStruxure Micro Data Center6U01/01/2020
SimpliVity380 G10EcoStruxure Micro Data Center42U11/01/2018
SimpliVity380 G10EcoStruxure Micro Data Center23U12/01/2019
SimpliVity380 G10Wall Mount6U12/01/2019
SimpliVitySimpliVity OS 3.6.7 with EXSi 6.5Power Chute Network ShutdownN/A04/01/2020
SynergyGen 10EcoStruxure Micro Data Center42U11/01/2018
Synergy5.0StructureWare Data Center Operations8.004/01/2020
Synergy5.0EcoStruxure IT Advisor9.004/01/2020
StorageStoreserve 8000EcoStruxure Micro Data Center42U11/01/2018
Marketing Assets
Document NameLink
HPE OneView & Schneider Electric - EcoStrucxure IT Advisor & StruxureWare Data Center Product Brochure
HPE Simplivity & Schneider Electric - EcoStrucxure Micro Data Centers Product Brochure
HPE Edgeline & Schneider Electric - EcoStrucxure Micro Data Centers Product Brochure
HPE Synergy & Schneider Electric - EcoStrucxure Micro Data Centers Product Brochure
HPE Storage & Schneider Electric - EcoStrucxure Micro Data Centers Product Brochure
HPE & Schneider Electric - Enabling Deployment of Remote or Branch Offices Solution Brief
HPE & Schneider Electric - Remote Operation Automated Workload Protection Solution Brief
HPE & Schneider Electric - Deploy IT Infrastructure Solution Brief
HPE & Schneider Electric - Mitigate the Risks of Deploying IT at the Edge Solution Brief
HPE OEM & Schneider Electric - Innovating at the Edge Video
HPE & Schneider Electric - Acclerate and Simplify IT at the Edge Solution Brief
HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
Integrated SystemsComposable InfrastructureHPE OneView Mgmt Software
Integrated SystemsInternet of ThingsUniversal IoT Platform
ServerMission Critical ServersHPE OpenVMS O/S
ServerServers for internet of ThingsHPE Edgeline for loT
Integrated SystemsHPE Hyperconverged SystemsHPE SimpliVity 380
Integrated SystemsComposable InfrastructureHPE Synergy
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StorageHPE 3PAR StoreServ
ServerRack ServersHPE ProLiant DL Family
ServerHigh-Performance ComputingHPE Moonshot System
Currently not available

Partner Products (Not Tested)
Product NameProduct OverviewBusiness Problem Addressed by the Product
Pre-fab Data CentersSpacious, prefabricated solution for IT infrastructure available either as: Easy-to-deploy, prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather proof, fire-rated, shipping container for remote or special applications; Large, scalable prefabricated IT infrastructure comprised of multiple SmartShelters to create a configurable design. Optimized for service providers, large enterprise and HPC deployments.Enabling deployment of any technology, anywhere, without the capital investment of constructing new or retrofitting existing buildings
Netshelter CX EnclosuresDesigned for branch offices, small offices and any non-IT space where there isn’t the room, the time or the budget to build a dedicated IT zone - the NetShelter CX server enclosure is an ultra-portable, secure, economic, plug-and-play IT solution. You simply roll it in to the open office, put your equipment inside, plug it in and close the doors. With the NetShelter CX Soundproofed ‘Server Room in a Box’ you can get back to focusing on your core business quickly.A soundproofed server room in a box which allows for IT deployment wherever and whenever it is needed, saving space, cost and deployment time.
Netshelter VX Seismic EnclosureThe Schneider Electric VX Seismic Cabinet is a high-quality cabinet for storage of industry-standard (EIA-310) 19 in. rack-mount hardware, which includes servers, voice, data, networking, inter networking, and power protection equipment. The VX Seismic Cabinet is certified for 1000 lb to NEBS GR-63-CORE zone 4 standardsNEBS GR-63-CORE (Seismic Zone 4) Certified racks
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