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Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
Store Ever0SafeNet KeySecure007/01/2018
StoreEver MSL Tape Libraries3220Cipher Trust Manager2.012/04/2020
3PAR StoreServ0SafeNet KeySecure007/01/2017
3PAR7400 Storage ArrayGemalto KeySecurev8.11.003/20/2020
3PAR7400 Storage ArrayGemalto KeySecurev8.11.103/20/2020
3PAR8400 Storage ArrayGemalto KeySecurev8.11.003/20/2020
3PAR8400 Storage ArrayGemalto KeySecurev8.11.103/20/2020
3PAR4.0.1.3Cipher Trust Manager(CTM)2.011/14/2019
3PAR 84003.3.2Cipher Trust2.4/2.509/02/2021
3PAR 84003.3.2DSM6.4.409/02/2021
3PAR 84003.3.2KeySecure8.11.209/02/2021
3PAR 84003.3.2KeySecure for Government8.1509/02/2021
StoreOnce4.1.2Key Secure Classicv8.1109/30/2019
StoreOnce 52004.2.3-2011.40Cipher Trust Manager2.012/04/2020
StoreOnce4.2.3-2011.40Cipher Trust Managerr (CTM)1.811/18/2020
StoreOnce 52004.2.3-2011.40Cipher Trust2.4/2.509/02/2021
StoreOnce 52004.2.3-2011.40DSM6.4.409/02/2021
StoreOnce 52004.2.3-2011.40KeySecure8.11.209/02/2021
StoreOnce 52004.2.3-2011.40Key Secure for Government8.1509/02/2021
MapR6.2Thales Data Security Managerv6.302/01/2020
DL380 Gen10NAKeySecurev8.1102/03/2020
Proliant ServerDL380 Gen10Gemalto KeySecurev8.11.103/20/2020
Proliant ServerBL460c Gen9Gemalto KeySecurev8.11.003/20/2020
Proliant ServerBL460c Gen9Gemalto KeySecurev8.11.103/20/2020
PrimeraC630 Storage ArrayGemalto KeySecurev8.11.003/20/2020
PrimeraC630 Storage ArrayGemalto KeySecurev8.11.103/20/2020
Primera C6304.0.1.3Cipher Trust Manager2.012/04/2020
Primera4.0.1.3Cipher Trust Manager (CTM)v2.011/14/2019
ESL G3752H GS10800Cipher Trust2.4/2.509/02/2021
ESL G3752H GS10800KeySecure8.11.209/02/2021
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HPE Storage and Thales - CipherTrust Data Security Platform Brochure
HPE Servers and Thales - CipherTrust Data Security Platform Brochure
HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StorageHPE StoreVirtual
StorageMidrange & EnterpriseHPE 3PAR StoreServ
Integrated SystemsHPE ConvergedSystemHPE Converged System 700
Integrated SystemsHPE Hyperconverged SystemsHPE SimpliVity 380
StorageData Protection StorageHPE StoreOnce Systems & Software
StorageData Analytics and AIMapR
ServerRack ServersHPE ProLiant DL Family
ServerServers for internet of ThingsHPE Edgeline for loT
ServerMission Critical ServersHPE Integrity NonStop
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StoragePrimera
StorageData Protection StorageHPE StoreEver, Tape & Libraries
StorageAll-flash and Hybrid StorageNimble Storage
SoftwareHPE EzmeralHPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Currently not available

Partner Products (Not Tested)
Product NameProduct OverviewBusiness Problem Addressed by the Product
Currently not available
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