Company Profile
AMS: 70%
APJ: 30%
EMEA: 0%
Enterprise: 100%
Commercial: 0%
SMB: 0%
Direct: 60%
Reseller: 35%
OEM: 5%
Partner Tested Products on HPE
HPE Product NameHPE Product VersionPartner Product NamePartner Product VersionDate Tested
HPE ProLiantGen 9Techforce RPA2.1.1803/05/2021
HPE ProLiantGen 9Techforce Conversational AI1.0.203/05/2021
HPE ProLiantGen 9Techforce Conversational OCR3.0.1603/05/2021
HPE ProLiant DL 360 Gen 10U32 v2.42Techforce RPA2.1.1803/05/2021
HPE ProLiant DL 360 Gen 10U32 v2.42Techforce Conversational AI1.0.203/05/2021
HPE ProLiant DL 360 Gen 10U32 v2.42Techforce Conversational OCR3.0.1603/05/2021
Marketing Assets
Document NameLink
Currently not available
HPE Business Unit(s) Approved for Partner Product Integration with HPE Products
HPE Business UnitHPE Product Group Level 1HPE Product Group Level 2
SoftwareHPE EzmeralHPE Ezmeral Runtime
Integrated SystemsAzure StackHPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack
ServerRack ServersHPE ProLiant DL Family
GreenLakeGreenLake Horizontal WorkloadAI/ML
Currently not available

Partner Products (Not Tested)
Product NameProduct OverviewBusiness Problem Addressed by the Product
Currently not available
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